IMPORTANT UPDATE 4/26/2017: Hey all, you’re probably wondering where yesterday’s page is! Remember how I mentioned that the kiddo gave us all a wicked cold? Well! It turns out that ‘cold’ in this scenario actually means ‘all three of us have acute bronchitis, a sinus infection and double ear infections!’ As of yesterday we’re all on antibiotics, and as of this morning I am finally past the ‘maybe I’m dying’ stage and am currently working on the batch of pages I had to abandon to enter into a never ending circuit of shower to clear sinuses, down niquil, sleep for 8-ish hours in between waking up to cough my lungs up every 30 minutes, repeat. We should be back on Tuesday.

Hey all! This weekend was Easter, so I’d like to say that I’m ahead of things, but in fact I am the opposite of ahead of things. A long weekend basically means two extra days where I must entertain a small child instead of working. Also, this time, the aforementioned small child gave us all another fantastic cold complete with congestion, fever and a hacking cough, so we actually had to cancel on the second half of our Easter plans and maaaay have infected the first half with this cold before any actual symptoms were showing. So there’s that.

Despite that, I’m pretty much ready to sketch the next three pages today. I had to do a bit of re-designing since the last time I drew Endi physically steering Axca was back in chapter 10. The entire cockpit/bridge area needs a bit of an overhaul as a result. Anyhow, if I can get these three pages sketched by today, I should have them inked in no time.

Anyhow, hope you’re enjoying, we will see you again next Tuesday!