Short note today–this past week flew by. I’m not 100% sure how feasible my work schedule is gonna be this summer because we live in the middle of nowhere and I cannot literally ignore a ten year old all day, but I’ll see what I can do. I have pages scheduled up until August 19th, and after today I’ll be pausing remastering old pages to start planning out the next batch. Ideally, I can at least get the pages I need done to have the buffer go up to mid-September, and then I’ll feel a bit better about slowing my schedule down for the rest of the summer, with plenty of time to get things moving again once September hits and BB’s back at school.

I had a lot of fun drawing and colouring this page and the next one–the idea was to have them be the polar opposite of everything we saw when Henri was hanging out with Xia and friends. Bright colours, lots of plants/mushrooms and a more lived-in feel. I’m very excited to get moving on the next chapter because this catch-up journal entry ends and we get some fun character development for the crew still stuck on Ith.

See you next week! And if I forget to do an Author’s note at any point this summer, sorry in advance. I almost forgot to write this one, haha.