Hey all! new new page today. I have the next batch completely drawn and ready to be lettered, but we are a month into the summer and I have had essentially no time to get Cory on that. We talked about it last night, and it came down to:

Do we want to have to take a break at the beginning of September when we run out of this next batch because there was no time to make the batch after it in the summer? We can acknowledge that, even if there aren’t more tornado warnings or trash air quality or extreme heat warnings or power outages, that the month of August is going to be even more busy than July was.  So with that in mind, it feels like a more reasonable approach would be to say Seeya In September and use the buffer we have left to letter to pad out a time when BB will be back at school and I will be able to go to town on new pages without also having to keep her entertained.

So with that said, SEEYA IN SEPTEMBER! We hope your month of August is more relaxing than ours is about to be!