Hey all, so, bit of an announcement. I was really hoping that this summer I’d be able to find a balance between keeping BB entertained, busy and active and actually getting pages done. I’ve fallen into this trap many times over the years, so this time I’m going to correct course a little and get ahead of it. This past week I have gotten absolutely nothing done–my sister just had a baby, my brother’s wife is due to have one at the end of this month, I have several birthdays coming up and this are not going to slow down at all from this point out. So:

This will be the last page that goes upĀ  until Friday, September 2nd. I’m still going to try and get new pages done on the few free days I will have when BB is up at the cottage without me and in the evenings if I can, but aside form those very small windows, I don’t know what my schedule will look like for sure until BB is back at school. I’m going to be rescheduling the next several pages to September so that I when I do come back, I’ll have a bit of a buffer for the first few weeks of school while. I really hate to do this, but I think I’d hate it more if I promised I’d try and keep at it and failed. Giving myself permission to actually be there for family stuff this summer in a way I usually miss out on. See you in a month and a week!