Was extremely busy prepping for BB going back to school tomorrow, so I completely forgot to add an author’s note, or that we had even updated, right up until about five minutes ago. Sorry about that! We’ll be returning to weekly updates as of last Friday. I’ve got 3 weeks of pages in the queue, and I’m currently working on a batch of 7 pages. I’ll be inking the last 6 of them this week, and after I prep them for colouring, I may stream as I colour. It’s been forever since I have had the time to do that, and while I didn’t get a lot of comic work done this past month and a bit, I did have time to update my stream overlay and also swap out a static art I used for it with a spooky pngtuber animated talking head that I would like to test drive.

If you’re actually interested in watching me live-colour some comics, make sure you’re following me on twitter, which I will generally be using to let you know if and when I go live. Cheers!