Another short message this week. I’m coming down with something. I’m still working on pages, but it’s 8pm the day before this goes up and I’m about ready to pass out. Remember that our kickstarter ends on Saturday! Night!

Early morning edit: So, baby’s been in an increasingly good mood during the day which means I have time to do some sketching. Like a character from the end? Pick any character you want, make sure you specify which character you’re asking, and ask them a question, whether it’s personal, funny, something you’re just curious about or about how they interact with another character.¬†Their¬†answers will be illustrated by me over the week and posted online in the evenings. I’ll avoid repeat questions and things that would spoil upcoming plot points, but I figured it would be a fun thing to do when I’ve got nothing else TO do. You can ask with your tumblr name, and if you don’t have an account, anonymously!