Hey everyone I’ve been pretty quiet these last few weeks for various reasons, but I promised a real update today, and that’s what you’re going to get.

So first off, Henri’s sidestory is officially over! Thoughts? This non-chapter was a challenge not only because it had no words, but because it had to cover years in the span of 9 pages. I just want to throw it out there right now that the same will NOT necessarily be true of any of the bonus chapters featuring other characters, and not any that I currently have planned. Noh will be next since she won the competition, and I’m really looking forward to that. 🙂

Anyhow, here’s what’s been up these past two weeks!

  • Been working mega hard on bolstering my buffer, but it’s going slower than I had hoped. However, that is because I’m making a solid effort to improve anatomy, backgrounds and camera angles overall which is what’s taking so long. As I get used to that, things should speed up again. 
  • Posted up some panels from this next chapter in varying degrees of finishedness, as well as the E.S.I. logo!
  • I asked you on Tuesday to ask characters questions on Tumblr, and you did! Ask any questions whenever you feel like, and see if you can trick me into drawing specific art you would like to see since \i’m going to do an illustration for each response (without spoiling anything). Yesterday I responded to the question ‘Bart, what did Cassi’s mom look like?’ with this fancy drawing.
  • I did a fanart of Hades from Olympus Overdrive! It’s a pretty new comic, but it updates lots and does a lot of cool stuff with flash.
  • I’ve been attempting to do that poster for the first stretch goal, and I’ve had to redo it a few times. I’m picking another direction once I get these pages out of the way, so hopefully that will go better.

And last but not least, there are only two days until our kickstarter is over! If you want a copy of Volume 1 of this comic, now is the time to pledge. If we hit $10k in the next two days, impossible as it seems, we’ll be doing three updates a week starting in May! Get your copy now!