Hey all, we’re up a day late because this establishing shot took FOREVER. On average, inking and colouring a page takes me around 8 hours max, less if I’ve got a solid swatch set already established for everything in the scene, and even less if I’ve got a batch of pages where I can power through all their backgrounds in one go. This one single page took 23 hours total to ink and colour, and the biggest lesson I took out of all of it was that doing individual colours for each building was a huge pointless waste of time because the neon lights and reflections rendered them mostly invisible this far zoomed out. You live and you learn, I guess.

The next page will still go up on Friday as planned, and since today is only Wednesday, I should have plenty of time to finish colouring the next two pages and get going on the batch after that to be completed before next Friday. See you then!