EDIT: Hey all, we went to a baby shower this weekend and, like every family event that my sister-in-law’s sister and niece show up to, we are all now sick as hell. I’m not sure what we caught from her, but I seem to have gotten the worst of it and on top of being congested and coughing, one of my eyes is basically swollen shut which is making it really hard to get anything done. The page I am colouring now should be done for Friday, but the next page may not be out until the end of next week if this virus gets worse before it gets better. Sorry for the delay!

Little bit late today. I had one background left to shade and rather and irritate my already messed up shoulder more, I decided to take it easy and get it done properly this morning. The next page should hopefully be ready to go for Tuesday, but I’m working slower than I’d like to be so there may only be one page going up next week depending on how my shoulder treats me this weekend. Cheers!