One more page and this chapter is DONE! Anyhow, just a quick head’s up that the wiki is currently down, and I didn’t notice until today when several kind people both emailed and texted me to let me know. We totally forgot to move it over when we did the server switch, and we’re on it.

Okay, so I’ve been mega busy this week, but here’s why. If all goes as planned, our kickstarter will be happening on January 20th, which means that I’ve actually gone back and remastered the last pages that needed remastering–all of chapter 7 and a bit of chapter 8. I also made chapter covers for Chapters 8, 9 and 10, which you can view if you check out the archives. While I didn’t have time to do the sketches for last week’s contest (so feel free to keep on telling me who you ship until I do), I’ll be getting on that ASAP–I still have 5 more pages to finish up from Henri’s Sidestory, as well as a cover to design to do. I did post up a panel from page 4 of Henri’s Sidestory on the Insiter’s Blog that features Henri’s parents, in colour.

Anyhow, all this aside, happy New Year! My resolution is to keep this buffer up, as well as to lose all my pregnancy weight and then some. What are you all trying to do in 2013? Anyhow, work calls! Enjoy the page!