Good morning! I said there would be a big announcement, and it turns out there are actually somehow TWO big announcements and a smaller one.

The first big one is that we’re going to be starting up a podcast. We love sci-fi, we love reading it/about it, watching it, playing it and making it, and so we’re going to be putting together a show that does all of those things. You can read about it, as well as contribute to an open call for world building questions here. It will be available to everyone–it won’t be patron exclusive, so go nuts.

The second big thing is that on Patreon, we hit our first milestone! Now that we’re at $100.50/month there, we’re going to be releasing the declassified versions of the ESI Files from earlier in the archives. The cool part about this is that the old ones were awful and ugly, so I redrew all of the components to them, and am in the process of doing all new ‘photo’ art for each of them. The versions that are currently in the archives will be replaced with redacted versions of the new ones, and the patron exclusive, declassified versions will be available to all patrons and contain bonus easter eggs, no redacted material and, most importantly, ¬†solve the mystery of what happened to Victor’s cat, Marilyn. ¬†Those should be ready to go by the end of the weekend, if not before then.

Other than that, I posted two more inked pages in the chapter 15 Inks folder for patrons, which you can find here, and released the Chapter Eight cover wallpapers for everyone here! Here’s a preview:


I’ve also updated and replaced all of the pages in Chapter 8, and everything looks a lot nicer now. You can read them starting here.

Anyhow, gonna get back to work on those files! See you Tuesday!